Hopp til hovedinnhold

Christmas gift shopping

Wondering what to give eveyone for christmas? Dont! We went chritsmas gift searching for you girls at Galleriet! 

My shopping outfit, these shoes ain`t made for walking.. But in the words of ADR: Fashion is always uncomfortable. When you get comfortable, you never get the look. 

Deguy always has the coolest stuff. Loved this Friged leather dress, perfect friend gift, so hot!


This Tricot blouse is also from Deguy, such a good shape and fit, classic


Pearl top from Monki, loves it, wants it, needs it!

This jacket was an instant hit when Monki realised it, and it went out of stock all over Europe in a couple of days. Now it`s hitting the stores again, and you dont want to miss it. A really chic expensive looking winter coat for less.

And this is MY biggest christmas wish.. This jacket is Gerard Darel and is the prettiest thing I`ve ever seen after my Surface to air Teddy coat. The fit is PERFECTION, and so is the wool. Just perfectly oversized and comfy for the winter. I think I was trying it on for like 30 minutes haha, it was so hard to walk away… From Titt in botique

Leather gloves for the edy girl, from Accessorize

I discovered these NUDE sneakers at Skotøyhuset

You never get enough Backpacks , this one is from Accessorize

For the girl who has it all, coffee table books never goes wrong. This one is from one of my favourite photographers Tim Walker, they have it at Norli

Last but not least, the coolest storage box/suitcase/Paris Novelty from Kremmerhuset.

It really wanted to come home with me, so it did<3

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