Hopp til hovedinnhold

blackboard and flowers//summer decorating


 Pillows, blackboard and pots all from Kremmerhuset, Flowers Blomstergalleriet (advertising)

The other day I went to Kremmerhuset and left with some new summer stuff for my livingroom. Blackboards make great decoration! And for the moment it has the function of a of wallpaper tattoo! Instead og writing down shopping lists and other boring stuff, I write the things that I hope will influence my day for the better. Today it is inspired by Aleksander Maksik;


«You do. The thing. Anyway….You do the thing anyway. Yes. Yes. You do it in spite of fear. You do the thing anyway. No matter what. Because you have to. Because you know it’s right. Because you believe in it. Because by not doing it you’re betraying yourself.»


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