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A life lover`s guide to the chic city of Milan




Milan is a great city to visit for bringing out your inner diva/dramatic everyday you, put on your finest and go have fun. It is a city with great meaning to me, as we did our first Fashionlove (my store) production here, when I was only 20 we flew here with a big crew and did our videos and photos and so on. I also got to see Venezia and the pretty Valdobbiadene where they do my fav. drink Prosecco. It all felt totally absurd to me, like a whole different world. But, back to Milan shall we?

It seems like everyone here has great taste. All of the big Italian fashion houses have a home here, and they play a big role in the culture and history. D&G has it`s own restaurant called Gold, Armani even has a Hotel! With the price starting on 5000 nok per night, I havent gotten to visit yet, but some day..

I am up on my fourth or fifth visit to Italy now, so I feel I am prepared to give you SOME guidance to what´s hot and not, to do with your time here in Milan. To the importance stuff first, Shopping offcourse!! It is a great experience, the stores is pretty in a museum kinda way, and if you wanted to spend 200 000 in a day, you would easaly be inspired to. But there also is a lot of room for the budget fashionista, if you are prepared to run into the tourist crowds. My favorite area is around Via San Spirito, where you find Valentino, Ysl, Giuseppe Zanotti and so on. Milan is where I come to invest in designer items, as you can find things here straight from the runway, that you would not find available in other shops. Also, they have everything, and the feeling of burning that Visa  does not feel so bad surrounded by all these chic amazing Italian women.





The Walk n`the talk

Bring sneakers, (yes I said it!) and walk around the city. I like to walk from 10 Corso Como to Via San Marco to the Duomo. It´s half hour walk that gives you a local feel with great houses and local cafees, without running into all the tourists. Put on some classics on spotify, and pretend you`re italian! Smile back to those who smile at you! PS: Strangers actually talk and greet each other in Italy, it`s the nicest thing.

I took a photo of this car on my last walk, as I fell in-love with it instantly.








(These pics Fredrik did of me at the Corso Como roof top at the last fashion week, I was so happy wearing all Dolce&Gabbana)

The institution 10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como Café, where my route starts. This is one of the best concept stores in the world, shopping and dining. Founded in 1990 in Milan, Italy, by gallerist and publisher Carla Sozzani. They have a great fashion department, but I come for the gallery, the books and the roof garden. I can spend hours going through books to bring home, it must be the best book shop in the world for those into photography, fashion and poetry. Also, you can enjoy drinks and lunches with the fashion crowd. This is my number 1 in Milan, and I hope it never changes.



At the end of Corso Como street.







The Fashion fantasy of 40 000 square foot

Exclesior (Galleria del Corso 4)  is a store unlike anything else. As you can tell, it is huge, and I am convinced they have some of the best buyers in the world working here. They have just the right candles (byredo), just the right phone cases, just the right books, the right shoes, the right dresses, perfect everything. It is a 40 000 square foot of Fashion fantasy that is a must see. It reminds more of a curated museum then a shop, but still, the shopping here is super casual, and prices range from 100 nok to 50 000 n0k per piece. I love the huge video screens, the music, the superhot employees and all the happy things. They even have my favorite bakery in the whole world, La durèe from Paris. This is also where I went to the Hudson/Georgia May Jagger party last week.






The High end fashion houses area, watch Italians in their natural habitat

Shopping displays around the streets of Via Della Spiga, Via San Spirito and via Gesu. You need a whole day to walk around this amazing area, to watch the Italians in their natural habitat, and enjoy all the luxury surounding you at every corner. Everuthing from the window displays to the afternoon tea here is amazing. Bring your heels and red lipstick, and be prepared to be fab for a day.



Did anyone say cake?

At Via Montenapoleone 8 you will find Pasticceria Cova, opened in 1817. Italy’s oldest patisserie and as Noona Peterson puts it, “a Milan instutition.” In 1817 a soldier by the name of Anotnio Cova opened a caffè which became a popular gathering spot for Milan’s intellectuals, artists, politicians, and upper-class citizens . Here you will find all the cakes you can dream of, but if you come at tea time, be prepared for the line… Well worth it though!






House of Armani

Armani Cafe (Via Crocerossa 2) is Crowded of tourists because of the huge ARMANI signs, but a good place to relax if you find yourself in the area. Great food, and a bookshop you can shop in for hours. This is where I bought my presents last time, to bring home to inspire my inspirering friends.





At via Monte di Pietà you will find Skitsch, for the interior geek. SKITSCH is an Italian design innovative company with a new way of doing design, not a style, but the many expressions of contemporary creativity guaranteed by the signing of established and emerging designers.







Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense Di Brera

On my walking route is this great old Italian Library. A well hidden treaure behind great big walls.













Piazza Del Duomo

The main part of Milan, the first place hit by tourist, because of the golden triangle of shopping, and the Big Duomo. I almost started crying my first time visiting the Duomo. It is amazing to think that this building is man made. It`s grand beauty can not be explained, so just go see it for yourself! This Gothic cathedral is the largest Cathedral in Italy boasting 135 spires and 3,400 statues. It was commissioned in 1386 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti but took around 500 years to complete, only being finished in the 1880s. “A very world of solid weight, and yet it seems in the soft moonlight only a fairy delusion of frostwork that might vanish with a breath!” Mark Twain about the Duomo.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The Grand Shopping arcade next to the Duomo is a must to check out, for the huge LV store, and also their Ice cream shops. In the streets behind you will find a good mix of designer shops and budget chains ike Zara and H&M.



Pics by me


Hope to see you again soon Italy I <3 you so much. XX






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